Resort Scuba Dive


Introductory scuba diving is where you become one of the fish! Scuba diving is a unique and exhilarating sport and is one of the few experiences that allows the participant to enjoy a feeling of complete weightlessness.

Why not try scuba diving!? No prior experience is necessary to enjoy a resort scuba dive.

Resort scuba dives are also well known as introductory dives.  These are ideal for people who have not completed a scuba diving qualification—the underwater world.

As long as you meet the pre-requisites necessary for trying a resort scuba dive, you will receive an informative safety talk designed to familiarise you with the necessities for scuba diving.

Little training is required, and the result is usually an underwater tour given under the close supervision of a qualified resort scuba dive Instructor.


There are two main pre-requisites required if you wish to partake in a resort scuba dive. Firstly, you must be medically fit, and secondly, you must be old enough.

Whether you are medically fit for a scuba dive depends on whether you have any pre-existing medical condition.

Whether you are currently unwell (e.g. have a cold etc.) or whether you are taking any medication. There are some mandatory ‘no-dive’ medical conditions such as asthma, epilepsy, prior heart or lung conditions etc.

If you are unsure about a current or previous medical condition, you must get a medical certificate from a qualified diving doctor that confirms you are fit to scuba dive.

Some medications may also prevent you from participating in scuba diving activities.  A dive doctor must give clearance before diving on medication.

Most places in the world have age limits for those wishing to try a resort scuba dive. The minimum age in most places is 10 years.  In some places with higher diving standards – such as Australia – the minimum age is 12 years.

Where to Resort Scuba Dive


Almost any holiday destination in the world that has a coastline offers some recreational diving activities.

In your local area, there are probably scuba dive clubs ready to welcome a new member.  Some of them will also offer ‘try scuba’ resort dive sessions in a swimming pool.  Allowing those new to the sport the opportunity to try scuba diving before venturing into the ocean.

Popular destinations are those with warm, clear, calm waters and are often found in tropical locations where visibility is good and marine life is vibrant.

By far, the most popular place for those wishing to try a resort scuba dive is Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

The Great Barrier Reef is the worlds scuba diving epicentre.  Catering to all levels of scuba divers. This number one world tourism destination provides a wonderful destination for people to try their first introductory dive.

The city of ‘Cairns’ in Australia’s Tropical North Queensland is a popular place for resort scuba divers.

Some of the most pristine and beautiful coral reefs are found only a short boat ride offshore.